Client Achievements

For her latest Body Transformations stories


Name: Samantha

Transformation from the inside out 

Samantha has been dedicated and perseverant for a year training and learning the clean eating. We have worked in her posture and core and she is already feeling taller. She has shown extraordinary changes and in less than a year gaining muscle mass and reducing her body fat percentage dramatically. She is very ambitious and now she is pursuing her first participation in a bikini bodybuilding competition. I am happy to be able to support her during this beautiful journey.

Santo, 59 , 10 Bodyweight Pull upsName: Santo
Age: 59
Back Muscles: Powerful!

Santo keeps a consistent program, he has been training for just over one year 3x a week. He is inspiring, and here you can see him performing 4 sets of pull-ups, 10 reps each. Strong back = strong body

Adrian, 29 , Fat lossName: Adrian
Age: 29
Weight loss: 15lbs in 3 months!

We train 2x/week and within the first trimestre he lost 15lbs. He is very motivated and taking actions by training and eating cleaner. This is just the beginning!

Name: Ruth

Flexibility: Unbelievable

Ruth trains 3x/week, very dedicated and optimist. She is always positive and enjoys the session, she is showing much increased range of motion in her hip after having hip replacement surgery due to a car accident.


We have worked in opening the hip flexors and with the help of the swiss ball improve the posture and alignment while squatting.







Name: Rachel

This sweet and strong girl is a hardworker after a full day at work she trains with me and she always pushes her limit. Her legs are now showing definition, her core is stronger by practicing planks and her shoulders are toned like never. She loves to train intensely and I love to share our fun sessions together.