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Joa Rivas was born in Caracas, Venezuela. At the age of 15 Joa suffered from continuous back pain and was diagnosed with scoliosis. Back pain affected Joa for many years. She had been treated by physiotherapists using electrotherapy, massages and with a variety medications but the pain was consistent. Joa’s physiatrist recommended she explore strengthen training as an alternative. At the age of 19, Joa moved to Chicago, USA where she began to show more interest in exercising. She joined a gym for the first time and she started attending fitness classes. Joa also began to learn weight training by copying other members from the gym.

"I tried every single class, and I fell in love with yoga and Pilates. I also tried a variety of workouts using free weights but often felt a large amount of back pain at the end of those workouts" .

In 2008, Joa moved to ToroJoa Rivas in Chicagonto, Canada. Her back pain was still a constant problem.

" It was hard to drive, to stay in same position for long hours, seated, standing and even sleeping."

Joa sought help from Chiropractors, acupuncturists, masseuses and also performed sleep tests but nothing helped much.

After 3 years of yoga and Pilates classes Joa decided to pursue a professional career in fitness. Joa became a Body Flow instructor. A fitness class from New Zealand that combines fuse yoga, Pilates and Tai chi. Joa continued studying to becoming a personal trainer, fitness instructor and a nutritionist specialist.

After more than 10 years in fitness training, Joa has noticed huge improvement in her posture and core strength.

"I am transformed, I feel taller, healthier and liberated of my backache, I am a completely new ME"

As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, Joa has helped many people of all ages with similar back and posture problems using the knowledge gained over the years that helped her overcome back pain.

In 2012 inspired by Lyzabeth Lopez body transformations, she began training for bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Joa has been training with an amazing team of professionals trainers like Winston Winns and Mike Van Wyck with coaching by Vanessa Rojas, nutrition guidelines by Dr. Michelle Basuroy, Naturopathic and Osteopath and Christopher Klachan, BSc, DC, CSCS acupuncturistJoa Rivas - First Place bikini competition. This great team had done her journey ease and supportive.

In October 2012 she competed in the Fitness Star Model search for the first time where she qualified in the top 6 in the bikini category, soon after in March 2013 Joa competed in the GNC live well, Toronto, OPA( Ontario Physique Association) championship where she placed First in her category Bikini Medium. She also placed top 10 in Bikini Bodybuilding OPA Provincials on June, 2013. Joa competed in summer of 2014 in Ontario Natural bodybuilding placing 7th out of 33 other bikini competitors.

She has competed as fitness model speaker during 2015, in the International Natural Bodybuilding obtaining her place to the Olympia Vegas show where she Placed 3rd internationally next to Australia and New Zealand.

She lived in Australia in 2015 and 2016 where she studied with the Australian Institute of Fitness becoming CERT IV international certified. 

Joa is currently training her clients in Singapore personally and coaching online clients around the world. Joa as Venezuelan keep the connection with her roots and she is involved with the hispanic community currently, she is working for an spanish Toronto tv show, called ENTRENOS hosting the segment of health and wellness on Saturdays at 11am. She is also writing monthly articles about posture and health for ONFIT venezuelan magazine and Oxygen Magazine in Australia.

Joa is getting ready for the year challenges and competitions. 

She is truly living her passion.

"I healed my body and I love to help to facilitate the process of healing to others with backaches and poor postures, with depression and anxiety, with negative enrioments and toxic people, finding balance and meditation as the key of all my programs"




Joa - Photoshoot♦Know more about JOA♦

Favorite Quote: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” Albert Einstein

Favorite Color: Green

Top 5 Passions: Moving, family and friends, animal life, cooking ( and eating), dancing and music (not especific order)

Religion: I believe in mother nature as my supreme divine.  Sun is what guide us. Where is Sun is life.         

Favorite healthy homemade meal: Ginger/ lemon/ Portobello mushroom salmon with arugula, cucumber, avocado ( Apple Cider Vinegar vinagrette) salad.

Favorite snack: coconut meat pieces and 85% frozen dark chocolate.

Favorite cheating meal: sushi rolls with wasabi, love spicy food.

Inspiration divas: Lyzabeth Lopez, Ingrid Romero, Zoraya Judd, Natalia Melo.

Favorite music to train: trap, hip hop, Latin house, vocal trance ( 128-136 bpm)

Favorite movies: UP, La vita e bella, Casino Royale, Inception

Favorite Actor: Daniel Craig

Pre work out: L carnitine, Aminoacids, caffeine.

Post work out: 25g Sunwarrior Vanilla protein powder or 30g of Hemp Protein by Ergogenics Nutrition, 25g of organic sweet potatoes, Poliquin BCAAs, L-glutamine, Magnesium citrate, L Carnitine and Vitamin C.

Favorite body part to train:  Legs because it is always a challenge.

Top 4 fitness / wellness/ motivational coach/ authors: Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin, Brendan Brazier,  Tim Ferris.

Top 5 supplements: Sun warrior protein / Hemp protein powder, 100% L- glutamine, Vitamin C, Magnesium citrate, Omega 3 oil.

Hobbies: skype with my family, journaling,  walking barefoot on the nature, rollerblading in summer, salsa dancing anytime, cooking at home, modeling for great projects with a great team, drawing and listening to interesting wellness/lifestyle podcasts.

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